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Our team wishes to congratulate National Pawn, a longtime client, on its recent acquisition. This record-setting transaction reflects the legacy Bob Moulton and his team built over decades of hard work.

Working under the direction of Jeff Wilhelm, Director of Store Operations, Synaptic has facilitated the chain’s marketing strategy for more than four years. “Marketing is an area that requires seamless work with no interruption. Cyndee and Erika have always ensured that the work follows the predefined schedule,” Wilhelm noted.

Erika Brooks, Senior Vice President of Synaptic said, “We are incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to work with National Pawn. It’s been a privilege to play a small part in their journey and well-deserved success. We look forward to seeing the innovative direction and continued growth under new leadership.”

Wilhelm shared, “Their leadership qualities are top-notch. Cyndee and Erika spend the time reviewing your company’s marketing objectives and will share their unique ideas,” he added, “What I personally like about their team is their ability to find answers and create new concepts. They know where to look for the best people to partner with who can work alongside them to achieve mutual goals. With them on NJAP’s side, the company’s marketing objectives have been in great hands. They always have the best solutions for materials, cost, labor, location, and deadlines.”

Synaptic Principal Cyndee Harrison said, “Since our inception, Synaptic’s mission is to connect the existing systems of our clients’ businesses and the teams they have in place to marketing that truly matters to their overall success. National Pawn’s strong culture and commitment to excellence created an ideal environment for our approach. The results speak for themselves.”