Connect your people and systems to your marketing.

Comprehensive Marketing & Public Relations

We help you define, differentiate and leverage your brand to grow your revenue and increase your influence! 


Synaptic is a full-service Marketing and Public Relations agency that takes a holistic approach to brand-building.

We help brands develop their core messaging and quickly deploy
multi-channel marketing strategies to reach their target audience.

Public Relations

The reputation of your business takes years to build and can be destroyed in seconds. Few agencies have more applied experience with PR specific to small businesses. We can help you tell your story in the marketplace and prepare for crises.


Has your small business business ever had a six-figure sales day?

Dream of an executive retreat? 

Hosting a tradeshow? 

Time and again, our special events exceed our clients’ expectations and we can do the same for you!

Traditional Advertising

We work with clients who swear by their tried-and-true, especially when we help them blend it with newer digital technology. Togher, we can find an approach that works for your unique business. 

Websites, SEO & Search

The days of relying on outsiders for simple organic fixes to your website and its visibility are over. We empower our clients to take ownership of their online presence with websites that simply work. 


Marketing works best when it connects to your people and systems. 

If marketing is cumbersome, complicated, or unfun it simply won’t get done. 

Our clients trust us to train and empower their teams to execute competently, have fun doing it, and call on us for help or support any time. 

Social Media

There are plenty of experts offering hacks and workarounds designed to chase the algorithms. 

We prefer using social media as a consistently-applied tool that we can manage in tandem with your on-site team to create a storytelling tool for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique approach led to CIO Magazine naming us to their 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch list. 

Public Relations And Communication

We blend strategic consultation with done-for-you execution.

There are a few important things that make us different from so many other marketing providers.

First, we focus on connecting  your people and systems to marketing across the spectrum of digital and traditional. We do this because fitting your unique business into a box just isn't going to work. 

We start by establishing baselines, then work to make sure you are fully implementing all of the cheap-and-free tactics that we’ve seen work in other businesses before we rush to spend money on ads.  

When paid advertising is the right fit, we partner with specialized experts on each tactic including Google Certified advisors and Facebook Marketing experts…because nobody wants to pay for someone’s learning curve.

Finally, we are uniquely positioned to help build positions of trust through professional PR and Community Relations.

Clients that we end up working with are a lot like us:

They are the best in their field.

They have big visions and are never satisfied.

They care deeply about their reputations and obsessively over-deliver.

They don't take chances with their brands. 

They’re picky. They trust our advice because they know our recommendations are based on dozens of successful campaigns and events for businesses just like them. 

They are looking for a comprehensive approach to marketing that’s administered by professionals who will work collaboratively with their in-house team. 

Our client relationships are based on proactive communication and accountability. 

It’s simple—we meet monthly to examine business goals, talk about what’s working, and identify opportunities. We talk about the marketing and communications plans for the next 30- 60- and 90-days.

We set goals and identify roles.

Then, we get to work. 

What Our Clients Say

Real feedback from our clients!

Cyndee and Erika are professional, efficient, and they bring a fresh look to the marketing of our company. Their out of the box thinking promotes our company in ways we have not done before. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!

Ben Levinson
Ben Levinson Atlanta, Georgia

We are so grateful for our association with this amazing group. They are always full of wonderful ideas and input. Cyndee and Erika go above and beyond expectations to make sure we are supported in so many aspects of our business. We consider them family and partners. (Even Fitzgerald likes them!)

Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins Cullman, Alabama

Cyndee and Erika are two of the most talented marketers and communicators in the industry. They are prepared to manage your daily marketing and to even help you plan and execute any large sales promotion you may wish to schedule. An added bonus is that Cyndee and Erika are fun to work with. They bring joy to the sometimes monotonous and stressful world of navigating marketing and brand management.

Rob Barnett
Rob Barnett Fayetteville, Tennessee

Highly recommend this group. They were a huge asset in helping our marketing and networking. With their new and creative ideas they bring so much to the table...

Nick Fulton
Nick Fulton Jackson, Mississippi

True marketing professionals who understand the goals of their clients and how to deliver results. We have worked with Synaptic on numerous large scale digital projects and each has benefitted from excellent management and goal oriented focus. Our collaborations have always been seamless and her leadership has been key to their success.

Scott Stephanoff
Scott Stephanoff Detroit, Michigan

Over many years of working together, Cyndee was an integral part of the American Jewelry & Loan team. She not only has a deep skill set in the marketing arena, but also a broad understanding of the unique elements in our industry and business as a whole. Cyndee brings energy and drive to her projects, she is a self-starter with endless ability to generate ideas and creative approaches. As our business expanded, we entrusted her with developing our branding strategy and establishing core operational structure. Her contributions to American Jewelry are still felt and continue to drive elements of our business model years later.

Seth Gold
Seth Gold Detroit, Michigan

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