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Mens jewelry brands can be a tricky thing to navigate: Get it wrong, and you run the risk of looking like a try-hard, a pirate, or worst of all, a try-hard pirate (a try-rate, if you will). If you’re searching for the best jewelry brands with a masculine bent, we’ve assembled a panel of jewelry and accessory experts to run us through the brands you should look out for, what to keep in mind when choosing your buys, and everything else you could want to know about the best men’s jewelry brands.

What to keep in mind when buying men’s jewelry 

What is your budget?

Jewelry is often an investment, to put it mildly, so you want to be sure you’re paying for the right pieces. “When buying jewelry, men should consider if the piece is more trend-driven or a long-term piece,” advises David Schoenfeld, founder of Ring Bear. “For trendy items, they may want to opt for more accessible [i.e., affordable] materials like silver or brass. However, if it’s a wedding ring or watch they know they’ll enjoy for a long time, it’s worth investing in 14 karat gold or platinum.”

What is your lifestyle?

When it comes to materials, “Truly, it depends on what you like and when you’re going to wear it,” says Ben Levinson, president of Dynasty Jewelry and Loan. “If you’re a mechanic or a weightlifter, you may want to consider wearing something like a silicone band while doing these activities or jobs and save the gold and other metals for when you’re off the clock. Gold, platinum, and silver can be resized if needed and re-polished to look brand new, while non-precious metals like tungsten cannot be polished or sized, although it is scratch resistant.”

Does it need a custom look?

“When shopping for jewelry for a special event where the focus is on elevated and standout pieces, consider design elements that can make your jewelry look more luxurious and distinctive, like jewelry with intricate and unique designs,” says Mike McGuire, stylist at Maison Miru. “Pieces that feature detailed craftsmanship, such as filigree work, engraving, or custom designs, often have a more upscale feel. Pay attention to the setting of gemstones: High-quality jewelry often features secure and well-crafted settings that protect the gems and enhance their brilliance.”

How long should it last?

“Think of the jewelry’s lifespan,” says Rustin Yasavolian, CEO at Masina Diamonds. “Trendy pieces might go out of fashion, but classics stay relevant for decades. Of course, material and craftsmanship will go hand in hand with longevity of the piece, so try not to pick pieces that don’t seem sturdy.” Another factor influencing a piece’s lifespan is how you care for it. How to clean jewelry depends on the materials, but whether you’re dealing with lab-grown diamonds or a gold chain, your approach should be as gentle as possible. 

What is your personal style?

“If you can pull off a bolder look, consider thicker chains, paperclip chains, diamonds, and layering them to create a big look,” says Steven Singer, CEO of Steven Singer Jewelers. “If you’re looking for an everyday look that’s easily worn to work, on weekends, and out for the night, a classic link chain that is 18-22 inches will always be timeless. It adds a pop of class and style but isn’t distracting.”

Our top picks for the best men’s jewelry brands 


“For affordable style, the red hot brand Mejuri now has their own men’s line,” says Ty Wilson, co-founder and COO at ring specialists CustomMade. “They feature some great affordable signet rings, provided you don’t need the ability to add customization, like a family crest. Their box chain necklace is perfect for weekend style, and for guys with piercings, their mini hoop earrings aren’t just for the ladies.”

How we selected the best mens jewelry brands

To curate our list, we turned to our panel of experts, who bring decades of combined experience in the jewelry business. These experts are Lauren Kaminsky Goldman, third generation pawnbroker and creative director of ByGOLDGIRL; Ben Levinson, president of Dynasty Jewelry and Loan; Mike McGuire, stylist at Maison Miru; David Schoenfeld, founder of Ring Bear; Steven Singer, CEO of Steven Singer Jewelers; Ty Wilson, co-founder and COO at ring specialists CustomMade; and Rustin Yasavolian, CEO at Masina Diamonds.

Where to buy men’s jewelry

“For a long time, the only real approach to buying jewelry was to go to your local jeweler,” says Wilson. “Those stores are overwhelmingly focused on engagement rings and jewelry for women, with a small section dedicated to men’s jewelry and watches. Now more than ever, though, men and women can connect directly with brands they like online. Not only does this mean more convenience, but it means guys can get beyond the few generic options they might find at a typical jewelry store.” (For more, see our guide to the best online jewelry stores.)

You might also consider getting your jewelry outside of regular stores. “PLL (Previously Loved Luxury) is extremely popular now!” says Levinson. “Pawnbrokers are great places to purchase men’s jewelry. You not only get like-new pieces of jewelry, but you can find them for a fraction of the retail price. Many can also order brand new pieces at a heavily discounted price from select wholesalers. When purchasing jewelry, it’s convenient to buy online, but it can be a good idea to purchase from a company that also has a brick and mortar location.”

A quick word of warning, wherever you decide to go: “There are a lot of great jewelers, but no matter where you go, make sure there is a good guarantee and warranty,” advises Singer. “Some metals, if not reputable, can incorporate alloys that can cause rashes and discoloration. If you find a jeweler you can trust, you’ll be able to invest in a piece that can stand the test of time.”

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is trending in men’s jewelry?

While women’s jewelry seems to be constantly evolving with new trends, like permanent jewelry, men’s jewelry has stayed a bit more traditional—until now. According to Schoenfeld, it’s all about, “Breaking rules and blurring lines. Men are taking more risks as jewelry is becoming increasingly gender-neutral, with slim designs being particularly popular, especially with necklaces.I assume this is a rejection of the big-faced watches and big chain periods. Also, I’m seeing guys wear more bracelets, watches, rings, and chains. Pearls continue to have a big moment on guys like never before.”

“Layering multiple pieces of jewelry, such as stacking bracelets or wearing layered necklaces, is a popular way for men to express their style,” says McGuire. “Mixing metals and textures adds depth to the look. Signet rings have also made a comeback in men’s fashion–these rings often feature personalized engravings or family crests, adding a touch of sophistication and history. Customization and personalization remain a strong trend, with men choosing to engrave initials, dates, or meaningful symbols on their jewelry.”

What size chain is best for a man?

“The best size chain for a man depends on several factors, including personal style, neck size, and body type,” says McGuire. “First, consider your neck size: A longer chain may be more comfortable for someone with a larger neck, while a shorter chain might be better for someone with a smaller neck, so measure your neck circumference for a more precise fit. Body type can also influence the choice of necklace length–taller guys with broader shoulders may opt for longer chains, while shorter chains can work well for men with smaller frames.”

In terms of actual length, McGuire adds that, “For a casual and relaxed look, longer chains (22-24 inches) often work well. Shorter chains (18-20 inches) are typically more suitable for formal occasions or when wearing a pendant close to the neck.”

Should guys wear gold or silver?

“The answer depends on the man’s individual coloring and skin tone—one is not inherently more masculine than the other,” reasons McGuire. “Gold jewelry tends to complement warmer skin tones—men with darker complexions often find that gold jewelry complements their coloring beautifully. Men with fair or pale skin often find that silver jewelry enhances their complexion without overwhelming it.” (You can also follow this advice when looking for the best engagement ring for your partner.) 

Budget is also something to consider, of course. “When it comes to gold and silver, price is often the determining factor,” says Levinson. “An ounce of gold right now is over $1,800 per ounce. An ounce of silver is worth around $20, so silver is more affordable. Silver also requires more work, though, as it naturally tarnishes. So my vote is gold, as long as it fits within your budget.”

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