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AI and Human Insight Less than a year into its meteoric rise, the company behind ChatGPT unveiled a new line of chatbot products that can be customized to a variety of tasks. ChatGPT has more than 100 million weekly active users and 2 million developers, spread “entirely by word of mouth,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shared, adding, “Eventually, you’ll just ask the computer for what you need, and it’ll do all of these tasks for you.” It’s just the latest evidence of the evolving nature of digital marketing and an increasing reliance on AI tools for the efficiency and scalability of content creation.

For marketers and business owners who are already stretched thin by trying to keep up with the algorithms, unleashing the robots to write captions and blogs can be a great way to lighten the workload. But AI is not a cure-all. 

The use of AI-generated content, in fact, can present an array of challenges, ranging from creating a disconnect with your audience to serious legal pitfalls that could put your business at risk. Bottom line, while AI has powerful implications for creativity and idea generation, it can also be a speedy way to produce crappy content that distracts from your business brand story. 

AI-generated content is usually written with flourish and authority but can be inaccurate and lack the emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving, and nuanced understanding that human content creators provide. Add to that the fact that it’s free and unlimited, and you better understand the rise of mediocrity in marketing content right now.

Marketers should use AI as an assistive tool rather than an easy button. Human writers can maintain creative integrity by using AI generative tools to create outlines, conduct research, or help breaking through writer’s block with idea generation. 

If the ultimate goal of your writing is to convince and convert human readers, then it’s more effective and ethical to keep three benefits of human-generated content in mind: 

AI and Human Insight/ Human Writing is More Valued Than Ever

The increasing prominence of ChatGPT has unleashed a flood of free mediocre content that might have a lot of keywords and pizzaz but may provide little value to the audience. By contrast, authentic experience and subject matter expertise grows increasingly valuable by the day. 

Content Written By Humans Stands Out 

As a lot of spaces online fill with fluff, fresh perspectives and well-written content stand out—which is what marketing is all about. When it comes to your business and brand, the goal is to create messages that are worth consuming. 

Digestible Content Always Plays Nicely With Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keywords and other tactics to help increase the chances that content will appear in a search or on social media. SEO is an important consideration when writing, but chasing the elusive algorithms that prioritize content can be a big mistake because they’re constantly changing. In the end, straightforward quality writing is a much more sustainable model of content production because humans will always prefer reading good copy over a tangled mess of keywords. 

ChatGPT and other AI tools are here to stay. Content writers who use them should be wary of becoming over reliant since that may reflect negatively on the brand. Algorithms and social media publishing standards change daily. The need for high-quality storytelling on behalf of your brand does not.

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